Türkiye İMSAD

Türkiye İMSAD, Association of Turkish Construction Material Producers, is an organization that has represented the construction industry both nationally and internationally since being founded in 1984. The association has accepted industry associations and stakeholders along with industrialist members to membership, for the purpose of setting forth the industry’s real power and establishing a union of forces, and has been organized as an umbrella organization that does not have a similar example in Turkey.

With 30 industry associations, 81 industry companies and participating members, Association of Turkish Construction Material Producers (Türkiye IMSAD), aims to approach the Turkish construction materials industry as a whole, sustainable growth and the development of liaisons both domestically and internationally. From that perspective, on one hand, it follows developments in the domestic market closely, on the other hand it keeps close track of foreign markets for the increasing continuity of success in exports. Türkiye IMSAD, establishing its Brussels representative office in 2011 and Cameroon representative office in 2015 managing industry-specific projects, issuing reports, also leads projects funded by the European Commission.

 “International Quality in Construction Summit”, organized annually by Türkiye IMSAD starting from the year 2009, has become one of the most important activity of the industry, as the most effective knowledge, vision and idea sharing platform. Türkiye IMSAD issues regular monthly economic reports about the developments in the economy and its impacts on the construction industry, and organizes sector-specific Agenda Meetings with a different agenda every three months.

The construction materials industry is Turkey’s export leader in 2014, with 21.2 billion dollars. 75 percent of this export is made by Türkiye IMSAD members. Türkiye IMSAD members, who employ 1.5 million people, and with their families, represent a sector that is directly related to 7.5 percent of the overall population. In 2014, the share of construction materials is 14 percent within all exports.
Construction materials industry, which is one of the rare industries in which Türkiye can compete globally, and that ranks number 5 in global export ranking, is an industry of strategic importance for our country. Turkish construction materials industry, whose share in the manufacturing industry is close to 17 percent, also attains the same ratio in terms of value added to the industry.